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The Enneagram Unveiled: Cracking the Code of Personality

Hey Docs! Podcast by Jill Allen and Associates

Get ready for a dynamic conversation as we dive deep into the Enneagram with Kimberly Collins, author of “Enneagram in the Workplace” and Enneagram Coach, and Jill Allen, host of the Hey Docs! Podcast. 

In this episode, we uncover the secrets of the Enneagram and how it can supercharge your personal and professional life. Discover practical tips on incorporating this powerful personality system into your workplace or embarking on a transformative journey of personal growth.

Enneagram in the Workplace

Kimberly Collins

'Enneagram in the Workplace' is your essential reference book for understanding and leveraging the power of the Enneagram's nine personality types. In this must-have guide, you'll uncover practical strategies for effectively managing conflicts, maximizing the potential of your team, and fostering a culture of collaboration. Whether you're a seasoned HR professional or a business leader looking to enhance your team's dynamics, this book provides the insights and tools you need to create a thriving and successful workplace.

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